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Peanut Granules


Peanut Granules
Peanut Granules

Peanut granules are a particular favourite with most birds, a readily available source of protein. They can also be known as kibbled peanuts, peanut chips or peanut hearts.

Granulated peanuts are easier to eat than whole peanuts, they have had the outer shell removed then been kibbled, therefore they appeal to all garden birds not just those who can hang for longer from the feeder.

Peanut granules can be fed from a seed feeder, or from a bird table.

All our peanuts are aflotoxin tested and safe for your garden birds.

Please note for your convenience 25kg purchases are packed in 2 x 12.5kg bags and 50kg are packed in 4 x 12.5kg bags.

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