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Blackbird & Thrush Food

Species Specific

Blackbird & Thrush Food
Blackbird & Thrush Food

This delicious Blackbird & Thrush food is a blend of oats, peanut granules, sunflower hearts, suet, apple & sultanas topped with rowan berries.

Not only will Blackbirds & Thrushes enjoy this meal made up of many of their favourite foods but it will also supply them with a nutritious high energy diet.

Feed from a bird table, ground feeder or from the ground. Please note that Raisins & Sultanas are harmful to dogs.

Composition: Pinhead Oats, Peanut granules, Flaked Naked Oats, Sunflower Hearts, Sultanas, Apple Suet, Rowan Berries, Diced Apple, Soya Oil.

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