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Peanuts for Wild Birds


Peanuts for Wild Birds
Peanuts for Wild Birds

Peanuts are a great way to attract an array of wild bird species to your garden and provide them with a nutritious, high calorie diet.

Our bird nuts are from the 60 – 70 nuts per ounce range, this size peanut offers better accessibility to a wider range of bird species, while managing to retain them in your garden long enough to offer the bird watcher hours of enjoyment.

We also sell a wide range of feeders for dispensing your peanuts. Take a look at our guide to feeding garden birds.

All our peanuts are aflotoxin tested and safe for your garden birds.

Please note that the peanuts may vary from those illustrated dependent on the country of origin & availability.

Please note for your convenience 25kg purchases are packed in 2 x 12.5kg bags and 50kg are packed in 4 x 12.5kg bags.

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