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Ornithology Information

House sparrow: Passer domesticus

Noisy and incredibly sociable, the house sparrow can be found around the world, feeding on seeds and scraps across farmland and in urban and suburban areas. An opportunistic bird, it will be seen by most of us in our gardens, where it visits bird tables and feeders. 

Chaffinch: Fringilla coelebs

A widespread bird, the chaffinch is pretty and sparrow-size. It can be found in gardens, parks, woodland and farmland across Britain and Ireland. The male chaffinch is one of the most colourful birds in the garden, with a blue/grey crown, brown back and a beautiful pink breast. Females are brown with white shoulder patches and wingbars. 

Blue tit: Cyanistes caeruleus

Blue tits are cheerful visitors to our gardens. With their bright blue, yellow, white and green feathers, they are attractive little birds that feed on insects, caterpillars, seeds and nuts. They measure around 12cm and are half the size of a robin. They can be found in woodland, farmland, urban and suburban areas, and in winter family flocks join together in their quest to find food.