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Swan & Duck Food

Small Animal &Wildlife

Swan & Duck Food
Swan & Duck Food

Swan & Duck food is a great way to feed waterbirds a healthier food than bread without polluting the water like feeding bread can do.

Bread quickly absorbs the water , breaks up easily, clouds the water and uneaten food decays.

Our Swan & Duck food is a small floating pellet that stays afloat longer in order that Swans & Ducks can easily feed, while allowing you to enjoy watching them. Swan & Duck food is also healthier for them than bread.

So whether it’s you, your children or grandchildren that love feeding the ducks, buy some Swan & Duck food today and say no to feeding bread to help reduce water pollution and to feed the birds a healthier diet.

Composition: Wheat, Wheatfeed, Soya, Maize, Fish Meal, Soya Oil.

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