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Long-tailed tit: Aegithalos caudatus

This pretty, colourful bird can easily be recognised by its distinctive long tail and its undulating flight pattern. Sociable and extremely vocal, long-tailed tits gather in flocks of around 20 birds during the winter, bobbing in and out of the hedgerow and woods. At night, they cluster together to keep warm.

A long-tailed tit has a long black-and-white tail that is longer than its body, a black, white and pink back, white head, black eye-stripe and a blush pink belly.

Measuring 14cm long and weighing between seven and 10g, it is a diminutive bird found in woodland, farmland, heathland and urban and suburban areas. They build dome-shaped nests out of moss in the fork of a tree and conceal them with cobwebs and lichen. The interior is made warm and comfortable by lining it with feathers in readiness for the eggs – around eight – which are laid in April. Chicks usually fledge after around two weeks in the nest. Long-tailed tits are easy to distinguish from other small birds thanks to their high-pitched call.

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Long-tailed tit: Aegithalos caudatus