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Robin: Erithacus rubecula

The robin is one of our most popular native birds and a Christmas favourite. Males and females look identical with their bright red breast and large, dark eyes. Young birds, however, are brown all over with mottled, golden flecks.

Instantly recognisable, the robin measures around 14cm and has a brown back, white belly and red breast extending to its throat and face. The robin is one of the few birds in the UK that sings all year round. Its distinctive song can be heard every day at dawn and dusk.

Despite its sweet and appealing appearance, the robin is extremely territorial and will boldly drive away intruders. It lives on a diet of worms, seeds, fruit, nuts and insects, and can be found in woodland and farmland, as well as urban and suburban environments.

Robins build their nests low to the ground and often make use of cracks in walls, tree trunks and garden sheds. They breed from April to July and usually have two broods in one season.

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Robin: Erithacus rubecula