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About Us

About Us

Here at Food 4 Wild Birds, the health and wellbeing of garden birds sits at the heart of everything we do. We know that, as natural habitats and food sources remain under threat, feeding our wild birds has never been more important. In fact, it is crucial if we want them to survive and thrive in an ever-changing world.

A fantastic one-stop-shop, we offer you one of the most comprehensive ranges of feeds, feeders and accessories on the market – quick, easy and convenient, and committed to helping you care for your garden visitors.

We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that the feeds we offer have been made from top-quality ingredients  and formulated to provide everything that wild birds need for energy, egg production and overall health.

All feeds are available in a selection of different pack sizes, catering for every budget and garden size, and appealing to both novice and ardent wild bird feeder.

We also offer an exciting collection of quality feeders and accessories to complement our feed range, with each product designed to ensure that birds can feed in a safe environment.