When to feed your garden birds?
All Year Round Feeding Is Recommended, read why.

Although winter feeding can be most beneficial due to natural food sources being in short supply, shortages can occur at any time of the year and therefore it is safe and recommended to feed all year round.

By offering the birds a regular uninterrupted supply of food to supplement their natural diet, you will ensure at times of high demand – breeding, extreme weather or rearing of their young – that they have a better chance of survival.

Regular feeding all year round is also beneficial as birds return time after time to take advantage of the ready food supply. Stopping this supply will result in birds having to search for a new supply, wasting time and energy that they desperately need for other activities.

As a bird watcher it is also beneficial to keep your garden visitors coming back regularly to feast in your garden.

Spring & Summer Months

These are demanding months for your birds as they build their nests, lay eggs, rear their young & moult. Supplementing their natural diet during this period will help them during these demanding months and bring its rewards. ph01228j1

Birds during this period will benefit from high protein foods such as black sunflowers, sunflower hearts, suet pellets & suet blocks with added berries & insects, pinhead oats, soaked raisins and ready prepared seed mixes. Peanuts are also a popular great source of protein.

Remember although natural food is generally in greater supply during these summer months so is the demand, so ensure you help meet the demand by supplying a constant regular supply of food.

Autumn & Winter Months

winter_sceneIn extreme weather conditions, whether feeding from a bird table, the ground or a feeder, ensure you have food available throughout the day, but especially in the morning when their energy reserves are low, and late afternoon when they need to build a reserve for the cold night ahead.

Birds require high energy high fat foods during the cold winter weather in order to maintain their bodies reserves to see them through the night. Refined fat like fat balls and suet blocks offer a good source of energy.