Tips on Storage of Wild Bird Food

Its important to keep your wild bird food in good condition correct storage is an important factor in achieving this.

Food should be kept dry, cool, out of direct sunlight and in a sealed container.

If the food gets damp or sweats in storage it may start to germinate, go mouldy or frowsty.
If this happened it isn’t advisable to feed it to the birds so it’s important to store correctly.

Wild bird food should be kept as cool as possible in storage, so ensuring its not in direct sunlight as this may cause it to sweat. Garages can be a good place as they often have no windows to expose to direct sunlight, have cool concrete floors and generally keep cooler in times of warm weather.
Wooden sheds are not ideal as they become very hot and usually have large windows exposing the food to direct sunlight.
The food should be removed from its packaging once opened stored in a plastic or metal container with a sealed lid. This will not only help keep it in good condition but will also prevent any vermin getting into the food as they will not only eat it but also contaminate it.


STORAGE CONTAINERS WITH LIDThere are a variety of different containers you can buy that are suitable to store feed in, these are just a couple of examples.

When you have finished the food in your container ensure it is washed & dried out thoroughly before filling with fresh food.