Bird Feeding Hygiene Rules
Follow These Simple Hygiene Rules When Feeding The Birds In Your Garden

Ensuring you follow some basic rules regarding hygiene is essential all year round but particularly during the summer months when food can go off quicker if not eaten. Ensure you offer food to your birds regularly while controlling the quantity fed at any one time, to ensure food is all eaten and doesn’t lie about too long as it can quickly go off. A little often is the best rule especially in the summer. Using a bird table or hanging feeders is recommended.

Using a ground feeding tray or bird table is better than offering food directly from the ground, as is easier to clean and take up uneaten food at night to reduce leftover food attracting mice & rats which can carry disease to birds and humans.

After removing any stale uneaten food use a stiff long handled brush to clean inside your tube shaped feeders – this should be a regular routine before refilling your feeders. Feeders can be cleaned with a non toxic disinfectant such as bird guard then rinsed with clean water, left to dry before refilling. Always wear rubber gloves.rubber-gloves
All feeding tools & equipment, bird table, feeders & trays should be regularly washed with old food thrown away and replaced with a fresh equipment
Also ensure you clean up and wash down regularly any areas where food has blown or fallen underneath where feeding taken place. Water containers or baths are also important and fresh water should buggardbe offered daily.
For your personal hygiene its advisable to wear gloves when cleaning feeders, tables and trays.

Clean feeders outside using tools set aside especially for this job. Wash hands before and after handling all feeding equipment.
Follow these simple rules, sit back and enjoy your bird watching