Dried Mealworms

Freeze dried mealworms provide a natural food for wild birds without the inconvenience and mess of storing `live` food. They are a source of high energy & a good source of fat and protein.

They are a delicacy that are loved by an array of birds, Tits, Robins, Wrens & Dunnocks.

Can be fed from the ground, a bird table, ground feeding tray or mealworm feeder.


If you are lucky enough to have hedgehogs visit your garden you will probably know , if you have left any of your birds dried mealworm’s out that the hedgehog’s will eat them.
BUT PLEASE NOTE hedgehog’s should only be given meal-worms in moderation a few a night as a treat, because too many are not good for them as the Calcium/Phosphate ratio in meal-worms is too high for hedgehogs so can contribute to bone deformities.

Dried Mealworms

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    Henry Bell Mealworms 1kg

    Our Dried Mealworms are a highly nutritious protein snack that are loved by Robins and very popular with most garden birds. A year round treat, this rich protein source is very useful in winter for survival and in springtime to help parent birds in carrying for their young.

    Suitable for use in Mealworm Feeders, on Bird tables, from ground feeder or from the ground.



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    Henry Bell Mealworms 1kg
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