Swan & Duck food


10kg, 20kg & 40kg bags are in new sizes 12.55kg, 25kg & 50kg bags same great value price per kilo .

Swan & Duck food is a great way to feed waterbirds without polluting the water like feeding bread can do.
Bread quickly absorbs the water , breaks up and therefore sinks so uneaten food lies at the bottom of the water and decays as the birds can not reach it once it sinks.

Our NEW Swan & Duck food is  A small floating pellet  that stays afloat longer in order that Swans & Ducks can easily feed, while allowing you to enjoy watching them.

So whether its you, your children or grandchildren that love feeding the ducks buy some Swan & Duck food today and say no to feeding bread to help reduce water pollution.


Wheat, Wheatfeed, Soya, Maize, Fish Meal, Soya Oil.


Item Name Weight Price Quantity

Swan & Duck Food

1.7 kgs £5.08 Add:

Swan & Duck Food

3.4 kgs £8.16 Add:

Swan & Duck Food 12.55kg

12.55 kgs £22.59 Add:

Swan & Duck Food 25kg

25 kgs £37.50 Add:

Swan & Duck food 50kg

50 kgs £70.00 Add:

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